“Llanas is as brilliant as ever”

ADFG_Web_Image_5“From the pre-show buzz this show promised to be interesting.  The reason it is being reviewed is that Doug Vincent’s words are being skillfully augmented by Sam Llanas’ music.   Mr. Vincent ingeniously layers the story, with a memory within a memory.   Mr. Llanas joins in and punctuates that story.    Then Vincent layers yet another aspect into the overall scheme of things.  

LLanas is as brilliant as ever.   His songwriting fits into the concept of this performance so well, that the fourteen-year time lapse from the time most of the songs were written until the premiere of the play seems like weeks.  The music remains fresh to the concept; adding poignancy.  I was bowled over by Doug Vincent’s performance.  To put these two dynamic talents on the stage is a formula for adventure, and a blueprint for an emotional rollercoaster ride that rivals anything you would find at Six Flags.  

If you have a chance to see ‘A DAY FOR GRACE.’ I strongly advise you to do so.   It is masterly performed, intelligently composed and directed, and showcases some of the best music you may or may not heard before.   Oh yeah, and it makes you laugh, as well.  A lot!”

-Jeff Boule, New York City