“Haunting and Majestic”


“To call playwright Doug Vincent’s new play, A DAY FOR GRACE, harrowing is an understatement.  It is an emotional roller coaster ride that immediately sold-out the show’s acclaimed New York debut.  Exploring the events of a hardscrabble Virginia childhood, Vincent plays himself as well as a Greek chorus of family members whose take on events don’t always sync with his own.

He is a gifted and extremely entertaining storyteller.   His depiction of his childhood emulation of the future Hall of Fame catcher from the Cincinnati Reds is delivered suspensefully, with a deft touch not unlike a baseball broadcaster recounting events as they happen in real time.

As the show’s segments shift, Sam Llanas, frontman for the popular Wisconsin roots rockers the BoDeans does his part as Greek chorus with his acoustic guitar and warm baritone voice, singing excerpts from songs including the BoDeans’ brooding classic ‘Far, Far Away From My Heart’ as well as several numbers from his 1998 cult classic CD, ‘A Good Day to Die,’ by the short-lived side project Absinthe which clocked in at #629 on the 1000 Best Albums Of All Time List here at LucidCulture.

The pieces from that song cycle used in the show have had their lyrics tweaked to fit the new context, and add considerable depth and gravitas to the overall ambience.   At this past Saturday’s show, as the suspense reached breaking point, Vincent was literally moved to tears recalling how events unfolded.  Several audience members were overcome by emotion as well.   Sometimes the drama of real life surpasses anything contrived for the stage.  The show is tantalizing.   The songs are haunting and majestic.”

-DeLarue, LucidCulture, New York City